Waiter – Waitress CV Example

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Waiting staff serves customers by taking orders, serving food and preparing tables. An important part of the work is to make customers feel welcome and comfortable during their meal.

As a waiter or waitress, your main duties would include:

  • greeting customers as they arrive and showing them to their table
  • giving out menus and taking orders for food and drink
  • serving food and drinks
  • dealing with bill payments
  • making sure tables are clean and tidy

In formal restaurants your work may include silver service (providing the main part of the dish separately to the vegetables or accompaniments). You would usually work in a team under the supervision of a head waiter or waitress, known as the ‘maitre d’.

In some restaurants you would be responsible for a specific area of tables. You may give advice to diners on menu choice, as well as serve them food.

You could also specialise in work as a wine waiter or waitress, for example in a fine dining restaurant. You may be known as a ‘sommelier’ and act as an expert in wine and other alcoholic beverages.


waitress CV example

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