Technical Architect Cover Letter Example

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Technical architects (also called IT systems architects) act as the link between a company’s managers and the designers and developers who build their IT systems.

As a technical architect, you could work on projects ranging from planning the structure of a patient records database for the NHS to the redesign of a building society’s online banking system. Your key responsibilities would be to make sure that each part of the overall IT system:

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  • works together with the other parts as planned
  • satisfies the requirements of the organisation
  • meets the needs of the people who are going to use it.

Your main duties on a project would include:

  • identifying the organisation’s needs
  • breaking large system requirements down into manageable parts
  • researching ‘off-the-shelf’ products to decide whether they would be more suitable than building a new system from scratch
  • agreeing plans for the system’s structure with the client
  • explaining the structure to the designers and developers, and helping them to build it
  • developing and carrying out acceptance testing procedures to make sure systems are working properly
  • making sure that systems meet quality standards and procedures
  • advising senior IT managers about how to plan their future IT needs.

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You might specialise in a particular part of a system’s framework (such as security), or you could be responsible for the entire structure, supervising a project team made up of architects, system analysts and developers.

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Technical Architect Cover Letter Example

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