Teaching Assistant CV Example

n order to write a good CV for a Teaching Assistant post, it is important to answer the questions that any prospective employer may have when they come to search for someone to fill the position.

You need to make clear the relevant experience and training is highlighted to help them see your CV and make it stand out from the several CV’s they will have received. This means doing careful research into the position, what it requires and how you could help them.

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Firstly, make a list of job duties. It’s important to try and read between the lines of what a particular employer is looking for. If they mention children several times in their advertisement, then you should focus your CV around what you can do for the children, highlighting your previous experience with children, and ensuring that any childcare qualifications are highlighted so that employers can pick them out easily without reading through all the CV to see whether you are qualified. Make your CV stand out by putting your most relevant experience at the top, summarising the qualities you have that would work well within the position.

Special Needs

If your prospective school mentions Special Needs, and you don’t have any training with this, do not panic. It’s important not to ignore this, and skip over it, hoping that no one else will have experience either and your prospective employer will select you for an interview anyway. Highlight the fact that although you don’t currently have experience in this sector, you have done some research and are willing to train alongside your job to ensure you are able to handle any other requirements. Make sure you are prepared to take on the training though before you refer to this on your CV. It is perhaps a good idea to see what local training courses are available and make sure if your prospective employer takes you up on this, that you can manage the work required. Special needs, however, are not restrictive to learning or other disabilities. Translation skills may be required and if you have another language under your belt, then this may further your opportunities within the school.

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Why teaching?

Another important thing to highlight is the reason why you wish to become a teaching assistant. There are many different reasons to work with children and your employer will want to know what motivates you and what you could bring to the school.

Tell your prospective employer the reasons why you think the job is right for you, and where you hope to end up within your career. If you are interested in becoming a qualified teacher, then mention this, as it shows you have the commitment to the children and teaching environment.

Hours of work

Many people that have children think that teaching assistant posts are strictly 9-3 jobs with a good lunch hour, and all of the school holidays as vacation time. It’s important not to be one of those people. Teaching and Teaching Assistant jobs are much more involved in just being there whilst the children are, there are tasks such as classroom preparation, lesson planning, and whilst a teaching assistant helps the children, their biggest role is that of support to the class teacher, so there are a wide variety of tasks that the teacher may want you to consider doing.

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In the same vein, administrative tasks are also something you should highlight any experience in. You may be asked to do one, or all of the following depending on the school’s office facilities:

  • Write communications to parents/guardian
  • Book trips, or help to organise them
  • Making photocopies
  • Taking the register
  • Entering data onto a computer, such as test scores etc.

No teaching experience, no worries

There are many other fields of employment that can lead to teaching. You just need to know your strengths and how to relate them to that of your chosen position. If you have experience in the retail sector, for example, then you can let your employer know that you are used to dealing with people face to face, and have strong communication skills. You can apply this trick to almost any industry. If you have been a stay at home parent, you can obviously apply the childcare element of your stay-at-home job to the post, ensuring your employer knows you have experience with caring for and teaching children in the home. Have you organised playdates, or looked after anyone else’s children? Then highlight your experience in this, showing that it’s not only your children who have benefitted from your years of experience with children.

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If you remember to look carefully at the job posting, use the tips and trick above and keep your CV updated with any relevant experience, then you have a good shot at getting the Teaching Assistant job that you want.

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Teaching Assistant CV Example

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