Systems Analyst Cover Letter Example

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As a systems analyst, you would be employed by a company to examine their IT systems and processes and recommend improvements.

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Your work could range from integrating the telephone and computer networks in a call centre, to re-structuring a bank’s customer account databases to make them more secure.

Your work would involve:

  • identifying the client organisation’s needs
  • drawing up plans for a modified or replacement IT system
  • carrying out feasibility studies of proposals and making recommendations
  • working closely with programmers and software developers to build the system
  • overseeing installation and testing correcting problems (‘bugs’) before the final version is released
  • providing staff training and instruction manuals for the new or upgraded system.

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An important part of your job would be to make sure that your designs are flexible enough to adapt as the organisation or business grows (known as ‘future-proofing).

You would use various computer-assisted software engineering (CASE) tools and programming methods in your job.

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Systems Analyst Cover Letter Examples

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