Software Developer CV Example

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Entry requirements for Software developer

You normally need a degree, foundation degree or BTEC HNC/HND to become a software developer. You could choose from a variety of subjects, including:

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computer science/studies
information technology
software development
software engineering
business information systems.

You may still be able to find a place on a graduate trainee scheme even if you do not have an IT-related degree, as larger employers tend to accept graduates from any discipline. You could study for a postgraduate IT conversion qualification, although this is not essential.

Several universities are now offering the Information Technology Management for Business (ITMB) degree. The degree has been developed by e-skills UK and employers to meet specific industry needs, for example, project management skills and business awareness. For more details, visit the e-skills UK website.

Experience in IT or a related area can be useful. You can gain experience through work placements, internships or a year in the industry.

You will also need a working knowledge of the main programming languages and operating systems used, for example:

Java, C++, Smalltalk and Visual Basic
Oracle, UML (Unified Modelling Language), Linux and Delphi
.NET frameworks (such as C# (C-sharp), ASP and VB).
Visit the website for information and links to resources covering programming languages.

Contact e-skills UK, the British Computer Society, Institute for the Management of Information Systems and the Institution of Analysts and Programmers for more information about careers in the IT sector.

How many hours do they work?

You would work between 37 and 40 hours a week. Overtime and weekend work may be necessary to meet deadlines, or to limit the disruption to a client’s business.

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You would be mainly based in an office but may have to travel to meet clients. Some projects may involve overnight stays away from home.

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Software Developer CV Examples

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