Network Manager Cover Letter Example

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Network managers are responsible for designing, implementing and administering computer network systems within an organisation or between organisations. They could manage a company’s in-house network support team, or work in IT consultancy, dealing with a number of different clients.

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As a network manager, your key responsibilities would be to make sure that the network capacity can meet the client’s business needs and that it is secure.

You would work with four main network systems:

  • local area networks (LANs) – connecting computers within a limited area like an office or building
  • metropolitan area networks (MANs) – joining LANs together across a city
  • wide area networks (WANs) – linking systems across national boundaries
  • global area networks (GANs) – combining networks over an unlimited geographical area, often using wireless and satellite technology.

Your typical duties might include:

  • assessing a client’s network requirements
  • designing and testing plans to meet those requirements
  • making sure network plans are compatible with other computer systems
  • supervising technical staff
  • implementing network security measures
  • planning preventative maintenance schedules
  • monitoring and reporting on network performance and usage
  • managing network growth and development.

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You would work closely with other IT professionals and business managers to make sure systems work efficiently. See the profiles for Network Engineer and IT Project Manager for more information about these roles.

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Network Manager Cover Letter Examples

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