Kitchen Manager (Head Chef) Interview Questions and Answers

If you are going to take an interview for a Kitchen Manager (Head Chef) job then you are at the right place. Go through this page to learn more about the job and download the interview questions and answers.

Training and development

It may help your career to continue your training by taking qualifications such as:

Level 4 Award in Managing Food Safety in Catering
Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Healthier Food and Special Diets.

Skills, interests and qualities

To be a head chef you should have:

a creative interest in food and cookery
the ability to work under pressure and make quick decisions
high standards of cleanliness and hygiene
the ability to organise and plan your own work and that of others
strong communication skills
leadership and management skills
the ability to control a budget and work with figures
stamina with the ability to cope in a hot and busy kitchen
the ability to deal calmly with unexpected situations and crises.


Kitchen Manager Interview Questions and Answers

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Kitchen Manager (Head Chef) Interview Questions and Answers

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