Kitchen Assistant CV Example

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The work

Kitchens are often divided into sections. For example, vegetables could be prepared in one area, and meat and fish in another area. As an assistant, you will often support the chef in a specific work section.

Your duties would also include:

  • preparation of basic food
  • unloading deliveries from suppliers
  • organising the storeroom
  • washing kitchen appliances, work surfaces, floors and walls

You would also help chefs get ready for serving food to customers. This could involve washing, peeling and trimming food items to make them ready for cooking when customers order them. You would use a variety of kitchen equipment such as automatic mixers, chipping machines and special knives and cutters.


Your hours of work can vary, but will usually include shifts, evenings, weekends and public holidays. If you work for a catering company and you are based at a factory or business, your hours are likely to be more regular than in a restaurant. Part-time, casual or seasonal work may be available.

Your working environment will often be hot, busy and noisy. You may find this work unsuitable if you suffer from certain skin conditions.

You will usually be provided with a uniform.


Starting salaries can be around £14,500 to £16,500 a year. With experience, this could rise to around £19,000 a year.

Figures are intended as a guideline only.


Kitchen Assistant CV example

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Kitchen Assistant CV Example
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