IT Trainer Cover Letter Example

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About the Job

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IT trainers design and teach computer courses for clients from different backgrounds and with different levels of ability. They work for colleges, IT training companies and in the training departments of larger organisations.

As an IT trainer, you could teach courses ranging from common programs like word-processing and spreadsheets (known as desktop programs) to technical areas, such as programming or PC maintenance. If you work within a company, you may deliver in-house training, for example, teaching accounts staff how to use a new payroll system.

In all cases, your duties would include:

  • assessing clients’ training needs and agreeing on learning outcomes
  • designing new training programmes or customising existing courses
  • preparing the training room and resources
  • delivering training programmes
  • evaluating the effectiveness of the training
  • keeping records up to date.

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A great deal of training is now available online, so IT trainers may be supporting learners in a virtual learning environment (VLE). See the profile for Online Tutor.

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IT Trainer Cover Letter Examples

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