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About the job

As a database administrator (DBA for short) you would plan, build and maintain computerised information systems.

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You could work on different databases varying from banks’ customer account networks to hospital patient record systems. Your work could range from upgrading an existing database to creating a completely new system.

On a new system, you would work with an organisation to:

  • establish what the database is for, who will use it and which other systems it will link to (for example telephony)
  • plan the structure of the database, working out how to organise, find and display the data
  • build a test version and check the results to iron out any technical problems (‘bugs’)
  • fill (populate) the database with new information or transfer existing data into it
  • plan how to update information, create back-up copies and report errors
  • put in security measures.

You may have extra duties, like supervising technical support staff, training users and producing performance reports for IT managers.

Increasingly, you could be working with web-based technologies and would need to understand how databases fit in with these systems. Database security is another area of growing importance.

In a senior position, you would normally be responsible for strategic planning, information policy, budgets and managing client relationships.

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You would work on projects with other IT professionals, such as analysts, programmers and IT project managers.

Download! it’s free and editable.

Administrator cover letter example
Database Administrator Cover Letter Example

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