Chef Job Interview Questions and Answers

Chef interview questions and answers provided by Chefs prepare food using a variety of cooking methods. In large kitchens, they normally work as part of a team, and look after one food area, like bread and pastries, or vegetables. The head chef (also known as executive chef, kitchen manager, or chef de cuisine) runs the entire kitchen.

Your main tasks as a chef would include:

  • preparing, cooking, and presenting food in line with required standards
  • keeping preparation at the right level
  • making sure that food is served promptly
  • monitoring food production to ensure consistent quality and portion size
  • stock control
  • following relevant hygiene, health, and safety guidelines.

You would usually start as a kitchen assistant or trainee chef (also known as commis chef). At this level you would spend time in each area of the kitchen, learning a range of skills and how to look after kitchen equipment.

With experience, you could progress to section chef (also known as station chef and chef de partie), where you would be in charge of an area of the kitchen. The next step would be a sous chef, where you would be running the entire kitchen for the head chef when needed. At the head chef level, you would be responsible for creating and updating the menus, and for producing and meeting financial budgets.

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Interview Questions and Answers

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Chef Job Interview Questions and Answers

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