Census Job Resignation Letter Example

Census job resignation letter example is free and fully editable. You can just download this sample to your PC and start editing it as suitable.

Leaving your job is as normal as starting a new one. You may have many reasons to quit your job. The important thing is to make sure that resigning is the best option for you.

You might want to talk to your family and friends before making a decision.

Before you decide to hand in or post your resignation letter, always remember to have all of your personal belongings out of your office or any other workplace. Also, remember to delete all personal files from your computer as well. If you work for a bigger company, you will usually get shown the door the second that they receive your letter of resignation. But that is no big deal if you have already cleaned out your office. If you are not prepared you may never have the chance to get your stuff, as some companies will lock you out and change your computer passwords.

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Resignation letter examples

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