Care Worker Cover Letter Example

This care worker covering letter example is free to use in your job applications. Before sending it to the employers, you should amend it as suitable.

Jobs for care workers can be found online at job sites such as Reed, Monster, CV Library, etc. Apply for them via this letter and your CV.

Care Worker Cover Letter Example

Jane Brown
101 Any Road, Every Town, XX1 1YY
Mr John Smith
ABC Company
All Streets
Any Town


Dear Mr Smith

Thanks for the advertisement for the position of care worker, and I would like to apply.

You can see from my resume that I’ve worked as a volunteer care assistant for the past two years and recently earned my NVQ2 certification. I’m currently looking for a position that will provide me with more responsibility.

Every action I take at work aims to satisfy the needs and desires of the person I’m supporting. I operate in a person-centred manner and as a team to support the individual in achieving his objectives in a calculated and secure manner. Medication administration, personal care, and finding community-based initiatives are all part of my job.

I see myself as the main member of the team and would like to apply my skills and expertise to a position where I can mentor less experienced employees and provide support for the client who is receiving the service. I think my ideals align with those of your organisation.

I would like to discuss my application further at an interview.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Jane Brown

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