Biomedical Scientist Resignation Letter Example

Resignation letter for a Biomedical Scientist job. Download this sample and edit it as you want and send it to your employer. Try to leave your job gracefully.

How much would I earn as a Biomedical Scientist?

The pay system in the NHS is called Agenda for Change (AfC).

Biomedical scientists start on band 5 which is between £25,692 and £31,180 a year.

Specialist biomedical scientists will be graded at band 6 which is £28,041 to £36,876.

Advanced biomedical scientists or team leaders can earn up to £42,964 on band 7.

How many hours would I work?

In the NHS you would usually work 37.5 hours a week. You may also be expected to work evening and weekend shifts or be on-call.

You will mainly work in very clean and sometimes sterile environments. You would be required to wear protective clothing such as a lab coat and safety glasses.

To become a biomedical scientist, you will need:

  • a high level of ability and interest in science and computing
  • an interest in medicine and the development of new treatments
  • the ability to concentrate for long periods
  • a good level of accuracy and attention to detail
  • high ethical standards
  • the ability to take responsibility for making decisions
  • an enquiring mind and good problem-solving skills
  • the ability to lead a research and development team
  • strong spoken and written communication skills
  • empathy and understanding when working directly with patients.


Biomedical Scientist Resignation letter examples

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Biomedical Scientist Resignation Letter Example

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