Biomedical Scientist CV Example

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As a biomedical scientist, you would normally work in a laboratory. You would use computers and hi-tech lab equipment to test and analyse biological samples. You would specialise in one of three areas:

  • infection sciences
  • blood sciences
  • cellular sciences.

Depending on your chosen area, your duties could include:

  • testing for diseases such as Legionnaires’ disease and food poisoning
  • screening and testing for infectious diseases such as rubella or hepatitis
  • analysing blood for disease and monitoring organ function
  • supporting the blood transfusion and transplant service through blood grouping and matching
  • screening for blood abnormalities and diseases – testing for anaemia and leukaemia
  • processing and analysing tissue samples from operations and autopsies
  • using specialist procedures such as cell culture to detect cancer
  • routine testing of fluid and tissue samples such as cervical smear tests
  • updating paperwork or computerised systems with data and test results.

You would also be involved in carrying out new research, and would often support junior staff and technicians.


Biomedical Scientist CV Example

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