Administrator Resignation Letter Example

Administrator resignation letter example if free and fully editable. You can download it to your PC / Mac and start amending it as suitable.

As discussed previously, the decision to leave your employment is a very tough one – you have to make sure you are making the right decision for the right reasons. But whatever that reason is, you should still require a resignation letter. Here are some samples of the types of letters you can use…

Quick tips:

Regardless of the reason for your resignation, each letter will still abide by some of the
same rules and guidelines. These are:

  • Always include your full name, address and contact details at the top, right-hand side of the letter.
  • Always include the date that you wrote your letter/submission date
  • Formally address it to the Manager you are handing the letter to, including their¬† job title and company address
  • End with Yours Sincerely and your full name
  • Always sign your letter (unless being submitted via email. In this case, the submission of the email will be taken as your signature)
  • You can send your letter to more than one person if necessary – such as HR
  • Managers. If this is the case, add a footnote at the bottom of the letter to indicate who has received a copy. Example –¬† CC: Mr Somebody. HR Resources Manager.

Download! – It’s free and fully editable.

Administrator resignation letter example

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Administrator Resignation letter Example

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